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PIX Moving is forged by an interdisciplinary and innovative team of around 200 members from diverse cultural backgrounds with in-depth expertise in various fields.  Software engineer, algorithm engineer, electronic engineer, designer, architect, entrepreneur and artist from 7 countries including Italy, the US, Pakistan, India and Japan are bound together with the same vision to build the bridge between future mobility and digital manufacturing. Currently PIX Moving has got fundings from various investors around the globe including VC SOSV, A-listed company Guizhou Transportation Planning Survey&design Academe Co.,ltd. and TIS from Japan. 

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ROS Robotics Development Engineer

Software & Algorithm

Algorithm Engineer-Computer Vision and Perception

Software & Algorithm

Algorithm Engineer-Path Planning

Software & Algorithm

Industrial Designer


Mechanical Designer

Design & Engineering

Car Electronics Engineer

Electronics & Engineering

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Bonus & Benefits Package: 

* Competitive Salary/Profit Sharing/Share Option and Incentive Plan
* Benefits Package including medical & maternity plans, insurance and paid vacations etc.. We believe that the satisfaction of basic needs leads to a happier lifestyle. 
* Snacks and other daily bonuses. Coffee, snacks, fresh juice, afternoon tea. Rest your brain, have a chat and replenish some energy.
* In-house catered lunches and dinner during workdays. Stay healthy and delicious on
* Exercising facilities. We won’t call it a gym, but we’ve got the multi-station fitness equipment, spinning, and treadmill for some basic exercising. And ping-pong, badminton, snooker facilities for sports enthusiasts. 
* Hands-on workshops. Build something you like or 3D print your office supplies during lunchtime or weekends. The small gadgets or projects from you might be the next big thing. Who knows?
* Holiday & birthday surprises. What presents and surprises will you get for the special day? We’ll see
* Show & Tell. Twice (or 3) a month, there will be discussion session, fireside talks or keynote speech for team members to share their learnings, new projects, or anything they’ve made or experienced. 
* Supportive co-workers and cozy working atmosphere. Helpful and pleasant colleagues that you’d enjoy

A few simple facts

* Have Fun. Curiosity ignites creativity. 
* Be Yourself. Do something you find meaningful in your lifetime. 
* Test & Debug. Great inventions come with risks and challenges. Have a good idea? Build it and test your idea, even if it is wrong sometimes, just try it and debug. 
* Spread Your Thoughts. Share your opinions, thoughts and work with others, sparking some inspiration and bringing more possibilities to the world. 

Happy Working at PIX Moving Smily faces

We think big and move fast. We get high-ceiling ideas but we also do things in down-to-earth way. We value co-worker’s work and contribution. Everyone is trusted and challenged to grow here. We are a group of people that are pleasant to work with. We believe that work should fit one’s personality. We offer generous benefits package, catered meals, workshop facilities and many other bonuses. If you love new things, want to explore the unknown, and feel like one of us, join the team. Together, we’ll create something better and bigger.

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Mechanical Engineer who works at PIX Moving
Employee who works happliy at PIX Moving

The City We Based-Guiyang, China 

Guiyang is a city for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Global vision is cultivated in Guiyang and new-emerging industries meet the most incentive policies here. As the Data Valley of China, Guiyang is the pioneering advocator of big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and smart manufacturing. Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, Huawei, the top enterprises have chosen Guiyang as their data center, innovation base or chips production factory. If you’ve missed the opportunity to see the growth of Guangdong and Zhejiang 20 years ago, then Guiyang will be the fast-growing revolutionary city that you should definitely witness.


The cool and mild weather, delicious specialties, local minorities and beautiful sceneries, all bring special charms to this city, attracting people both home and abroad to come here for local exploration and inspiration sparking. 

the cityscape of beautiful Guiyang where PIX Moving is based

“We are an international team but meanwhile we love the city we are in, deeply.” 

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