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ROS Robotics Development Engineer

The adventure of PIX begins with the exploration and design of self-driving mobile space, which provides autonomous mobility ability to the users. With leading engineering and creative team members, PIX pioneers in the practice of disruptive innovations that are engineering-feasible. We are fascinated by exciting ideas and are willing to invest in them to create the next generation of vehicles.
HanKaiSi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Guizhou (PIX) is one of the world's leading self-driving companies. PIX team is  dedicated to creating technological breakthroughs in the automobile industry. PIX is now working on autonomous mobility solutions to prospect users around the globe and is meanwhile building the world’s first autonomous mobility service platform with the joint efforts of PIX partners. While many self-driving companies are focused on transporting people from point A to point B, PIX proposes instead to build cars that bring services to you, wherever you are, autonomously. Taco trucks, coffee machines, and photo booths will all become autonomously routed and freely moving parts of cities. Using modular self-driving space of PIX, small vendors can reach much larger audiences than previously possible with traditional brick and mortar storefronts. At the same time, PIX provides unique and interesting experiences for customers, responding faster to various customer needs. 

We are looking for creative engineers to help us design and develop control system software. You'll work closely with other top designers and engineers at PIX. You are self-motivated, preferring to solving problem creatively. You like challenging problems and you enjoy working in a small team. You are a good collaborator without prejudice or pre-judgement of others. You are passionate about engaging in things that bring values to the world. PIX is developing product that is one of a kind, so correspondingly, you are energetic, resilient, and a great learner, and you’re able to make wise decisions quickly with limited information. More importantly, you are not satisfied with the status quo and you wants a platform where you can give full play to your talents, hoping that your contribution will change the lifestyle of many people.


1. Responsible for the design, development, debugging and optimization of the robotics/self-driving control system software;
2. Responsible for organizing the team to finish the development and optimization of robotics control system, path planning system software and motion control system algorithms;
3. Functional simulation and onsite test;
4. Schedule management of software development, architecture building, development codes review, test environment building and test case development.

About you:

1. Master's degree or higher education with major related to control, mechanics and automation and computer etc.;
2. 3-5 years of work experience in software development, skilled in C and python languages, ability to complete software development tasks independently;
3. Familiar with the common positioning, path planning and obstacle avoidance algorithms of wheeled robots;
4. Familiar with Linux, ROS, and has profound programming skills;
5. Preferred requirement: development experiences in mobile robotics projects (such as AGV car, self-driving car, sweeping robot);
6. In-depth knowledge about the design, development and implementation of robotics motion control algorithms;
7. English abilities: good oral English and can read English articles without trouble. CET-6 Certificate or other certificate of the same level (or above) is preferred
8. Can accept aperiodic business trips.

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