Algorithm Engineer-Path Planning 

We are looking for algorithm engineer in the direction of path planning in self-driving/autonomous driving. We believe that the world is driven by algorithm and we are waiting for the right one who is talented and courageous enough to challenge himself/herself.


Algorithm engineers at PIX Moving create the core software for PIX vehicles and systems. The ideal candidate would be someone experienced in the design and development of autonomous vehicle/robot modules like path planning and SLAM, LIDAR point cloud processing, and visual-intertial odometry etc., with deep understanding of machine learning and its implementations, skilled in algorithms and different programming languages. 


* Design and development of high level software including mapping, path planning and localization modules
* Research and implement new algorithms/methods related to tracking, path planning and behaviour planning modules
* Collaborate with other engineers to ensure the smooth process of autonomous driving on the road
* Contribute to design and review of the processors used for software execution
* Develop in-house tools to assist in collected data for fast retrieval, statistical metrics, anomalies etc.

Join PIX For A New Experience

Engineer, adventurer, 3D printing, free spirits, nerd, mobility, iteration, innovator, passion, hacker, programmer, crafter, lifestyle, autonomous, excelsior, these are our tags, if you feel like one of us, join us for an incredible self-driving hacking journey.

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PIX is the self-driving project within PIXMOVING,INC. (USA)