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A drive-by-wire chassis platform dedicated to autonomous driving developers  

Drive-by-wire platform with open CAN interface for engineering development and rapid prototyping of smart vehicles.

Reliable, Flexible,


As a software-defined chassis platform, PIXLOOP offers comprehensive, open and powerful API interfaces for developers. PIXLOOP supports open-source software like Autoware and Apollo, users are empowered to focus on their application development based on PIXLOOP, significantly reducing the development cost and lead time for autonomous driving and smart vehicle applications.


- Hooke

Size: 2510 x 1700 x 630mm 

Driving Mileage
Without Load 
Maximum Speed
(Limit set by software)
4-wheel Steering

- Heisenberg

Size: 1176 x 583x 588mm 

Driving Mileage
Without Load 
Maximum Load
Maximum Speed
(without load)
4-wheel Steering
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Comprehensive Safety Setup from Software, Electronics to Mechanics 


  • Automotive-grade vehicle components that can work at a wide temperature range 

  • IP56 protection

  • EPB & EHB dual safety redundancy

  • Software-defined E/E architecture

  • OTA(Over-the-air upgrading)-supported firmware, which keeps the functions improved and up-to-date


  • Rich open CAN interfaces

  • Speed close-loop control

  • V-model development process(Rapid Application Development) creates the robust system for VCU function development

  • With bionic architecture, the cerebellum (VCU) is independent of the autonomous driving system and controls the secure actuation mechanism of PIXLOOP, reducing electronic control redundancy while ensuring autonomous driving of high safety level.


  • Neat metal sheet body

  • 4-wheel double wishbone suspension 

  • Simulation optimization on parts structure 

  • Simulation optimization to significantly avoid vehicle collision

  • Emergency stop button on the vehicle

  • Flexible installation for sensor mounts

  • ISO9001certified

  • Four-wheel Ackerman steering

  • Real-time feedback and display of vehicle status on the industrial remote

  • Real-time auto-monitoring on the chassis battery and low voltage protection

  • Vehicle online firmware management and OTA upgrade

  • 4-wheel hub motors with independent drive and closed-loop control

  • EPB electronic parking

  • In-wheel motor with hill descent assistance function

  • In-wheel motor electronic drag brake

  • 12v|24v|72v multi-voltage power supply

  • Open control interface for the lighting system

  • Independent steering of front and rear wheels with multiple steering modes

  • Advanced interfaces to support secondary development of motion control (Optional At Additional Cost)

  • Speed accidental operation protection

  • Remote emergency stop

  • Soft protect on steering limit

  • Remote control emergency stop

  • Agile switch between Remote control / Autonomous driving mode

  • Real-time data feedback of battery power level

  • Pressure sensitive anti-collision interface

We Get It Covered For

The Most Desired Functions

From Developers.

When you become the customer of PIX Moving, you’re backed and supported by the whole PIX team. 

Experienced project managers will reach out on regular basis to keep you in the loop on the latest progress and updates, making sure your requirements to be satisfied. 

smart Service, moving shop

Use Cases

    Drive-by-wire chassis platform test with autonomous driving algorithms 

City of Deployment: San Francisco
Deployment Status: 30 minutes of smooth L4 autonomous driving without human intervention. Stable and robust operation at low speed. It will be mass deployed in North America and China for autonomous driving logistics vehicles. 

San Francisco, By-wire chassis

      Autonomous driving algorithms test on small-

      sized drive-by-wire chassis platform

City of Deployment: Xia’men
Deployment Status:

  • Metal 3D printed drive-by-wire chassis platform

  • Swappable battery pack

  • Several software upgrades through OTA

By-wire chassis, Moving Space, unmanned

      Simulation Driving Vehicle


City of Deployment: Shenzhen
Deployment Status: A brand new simulated driving vehicle customized for customers from the automotive safety system. Great operation results and the deployment will scale up shortly

By-wire chassis, Moving Space, unmanned

      Customized lightweight drive-by-wire chassis 

      platform Used as an autonomous delivery platform

City of Deployment: Hangzhou
Deployment Status:

  • Lightweight design

  • Swappable battery pack

  • A drive-by-wire platform that supports the last mile delivery network in cities and is intended for large-scale deployment

By-wire chassis, Moving Space, unmanned
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PIXLOOP, school, smart city

College Teaching


PIXLOOP, moving space, smart city
PIXLOOP, moving space, smart city

Enterprise Research

and Development

Dynamic performance test

PIXLOOP, moving space, smart city


PIXLOOP, moving space, smart city

Hackathon and Racing

Because We Care

Climate change and sustainable development of regional economy

The innovative manufacturing approach of PIX Moving is aimed to reduce the carbon emission and to significantly contribute to the regional economy development.

Environmental protection, sustainable development
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