Dedicated To Developers 


Built BY Engineers 

FOR Engineers

A drive-by-wire chassis platform dedicated to autonomous driving developers  


Reliable, Flexible,


As a software-defined chassis platform, PIXLOOP offers comprehensive, open and powerful API interfaces for developers. With the preinstalled autonomous driving software Autoware/Apollo on PIXLOOP, users are empowered to focus on their application development through rapid development based on PIXLOOP, significantly reducing the development cost for autonomous driving applications. 

120km Driving Mileage
20% Gradability
40 km/h Maximum Speed
(Limit set by software)
800kg Maximum Load 
4-wheel Steering

PIXLOOP has served a wide variety of universities and enterprises around the world.

We Get It Covered For

The Most Desired Functions

From Developers.

Comprehensive Safety Setup from Software, Electronics to Mechanics 


  • Automotive-grade vehicle components that can work at a wide temperature range 

  • IP65 protection grade

  • OTA(Over-the-air upgrading)-supported firmware, which keeps the functions improved and up-to-date


  • VCU (Vehicle control unit) adopts MATLAB / Smulink model-based programming and compiling, meeting the ISO 26262 standard of Road vehicles – Functional safety

  • V-model development process(Rapid Application Development) creates the robust system for VCU function development

  • With bionic architecture, the cerebellum (VCU) is independent of the autonomous driving system and controls the secure actuation mechanism of PIXLOOP, reducing electronic control redundancy while ensuring autonomous driving of high safety level.


  • PIXLOOP mechanics built from 7000-series aluminum alloy  

  • 4-wheel double wishbone suspension 

  • Simulation optimization on parts structure 

  • Simulation optimization to significantly avoid vehicle collision

High performance and Powerful configuration, 

the guarantee of reliability

CAN Bus 2.0 Speed 500k/s 

Wheelbase 1.9m 

Wheeltrack  1.35m 

Steering accuracy ≦1° 

Brake control accuracy 1mA/bit 

Power  16kW ((4 x 4kW)


Contact PIX for more parameter information.

Open Source Software

And Hardware

Providing full autonomy, agility and independence on product development.

Developer Community With 200+ Global Members

10+ Countries, 200+ Engineers/Designers

4 Onsite Events, Democratization

When you become the customer of PIX Moving, you’re backed and supported by the whole PIX team. 

Experienced project managers will reach out on regular basis to keep you in the loop on the latest progress and updates, making sure your requirements to be satisfied. 

 Use Cases 

  • PIXLOOP served as the hardware platform for the world’s first Self-driving Engineer Training Base, where the engineers ran, tested and improved their autonomous driving algorithms on the platform

  • PIXLOOP is the designated chassis platform for Moving Hackathon, the Self-driving Global Challenge. It becomes the core platform during the events for participants to build a diverse range of algorithms, helping to generate valuable outcomes during the single intelligent vehicle and V2X challenges. 

College Teaching


Enterprise Research

and Development

Dynamic performance test


Hackathon and Racing


Interested in PIX Moving or the products we are offering? Feel free to reach out and drop us a message. PIX team will get back to you as soon as possible to provide real-time support.

Leave simple information below to have the team get back to you with PIXLOOP data sheet and more detailed information.


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PIX is the self-driving project within PIXMOVING,INC. (USA)