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Car Electronics Engineer 

We are looking for Electronics Engineer with deep expertise in car electronics. Electronics is the bridge between software and hardware in developing a self-driving car. We seek a personable, technically strong individual that can augment our team as Car Electronics Engineer. You’ll interact with PIX Moving algorithm engineers and mechanical engineers, together you’ll nail down the drive-by-wire control of PIX and make its self-driving a possibility. You will have the unique opportunity to challenge your skills while working and growing beside some of the best minds in the industry.


As Car Electronics Engineer at PIX Moving, you are superb with car CAN bus and its by-wire control. A qualified candidate will have excellent software, firmware, and hardware development skills, with significant programming experience in multi safety-critical systems. This position involves hands-on integration of hardware and software components into complex systems, and requires an eye for safety and detail, as well as the ability to work individually and in teams. Prior experience with ADAS, robotics, EPS/ECU hardware or autonomous vehicles is a plus. You’re very familiar with the CATIA software, EPS system and development trend of mainstream cars. You know how to develop and test car EPS with your expertise in this field. 


* The electronic control of electric steering system (such as ECU, motors ect.)
* CAN Bus communication, functionality check, interface definition, PCBA, calibration programs etc.
* Management and reliability verification of corresponding  software
* Collaborate with other engineers to adjust performance and parameters of steering and braking systems of the car
* Develop the EPS-related parts of the self-driving car
* On-site support and problem tackling during trial production and mass production
* Car road test tracking and problem rectification
*  Improvement and optimization of car electronics 
* Flexible working style with other temporary tasks 

Interested in this position? Please send your resume or CV to and we’ll get back to you asap. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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