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Algorithm Engineer-Computer Vision and Perception

We are looking for algorithm engineers in the direction of computer vision and perception of self-driving/autonomous driving. We believe that the world is driven by algorithm and we are waiting for the right one who is talented and courageous enough to challenge himself/herself.


Algorithm engineers at PIX Moving create the core software for PIX self-driving vehicles and systems. Our software needs to process complex dataflows and make decisions with real world consequences. A good fit should have superb software development skills, with significant programming experience, as well as deep expertise in enabling vehicles and robots to perceive and understand the world around them (behavior prediction, decision making etc..)


* Build software for a self-driving vehicle
* Technical mastery of algorithms, complexity and data structure
* Create advanced perception systems to enable the vehicle to accurately perceive and react to its surrounding environment
* Code documentation, maintenance, testing and review
* Software stack that powers self-driving mobility

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