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Car By-Wire Control Engineer/ Car CAN Bus Engineer 

We are looking for creative engineers to help us design and develop control system software. You'll work closely with other top designers and engineers at PIX. You are self-motivated, preferring to solving problem creatively. You like challenging problems and you enjoy working in a small team. You are a good collaborator without prejudice or pre-judgement of others. You are passionate about engaging in things that bring values to the world. PIX is developing product that is one of a kind, so correspondingly, you are energetic, resilient, and a great learner, and you’re able to make wise decisions quickly with limited information. More importantly, you are not satisfied with the status quo and you wants a platform where you can give full play to your talents, hoping that your contribution will change the lifestyle of many people.


1. Drive-by-wire retrofitting of the actuating parts such as steering, throttle, braking and combination switch etc.;
2. Design, modification and testing of wiring harness system.
3. Build drive-by-wire CAN message to integrate with the autonomous driving system;
4.CAN node monitoring, protocol analysis;
5.Build test environment of by-wire control, test case development.

About you

1. Rich experience in wiring harness system and by-wire control retrofitting;
2.Work experience in car electronics and is familiar with the control interface of key components such as EPS, ABS and others;
3. Proficiency in the analysis of CAN communication protocols and messages;
4. English abilities: good oral English and can read English articles without trouble. CET-6 Certificate or other certificate of the same level (or above) is preferred
5. Can accept aperiodic business trips.

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