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Mechanical Designer

We know how crucial DFM(design for manufacturing) is in the development of a product. That’s where the mechanical designer steps up, relieving their passion with every stroke of the mouse in their hands. We are looking for mechanical designer with expertise in mechanical design of cars and mobility vehicles. 


Mechanical designer at PIX Moving will be leading the structure and technical design of PIX self-driving car, especially the car chassis part. You are experienced with basic design skills, such as CAD, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Keyshot, Adobe, and other engineering and simulation software. You have been contributing to the car mechanics field for years. You know a lot about car/vehicle structure, its internal mechanism and you’re passionate about them. You’ve got applicable experience with appropriate skill level and proficiency in design engineering, plus good mechanical inclination and innovative nature in car (chassis) design with ability to perform engineering calculations using applicable software programs. 


* Finish the mechanical design of PIX Moving self-driving car, especially the drive-by-wire chassis part
* Produce drawings, models, renderings using corresponding software
* Perform engineering design calculations
* Develop and execute engineering design packages
* Apply engineering principles, fundamental concepts and practices to solve day-to-day production issues
* Deep understanding of the manufacturing capacity and processes within PIX Moving factory

You’ll come to an open working space of 5000 sqm. We transformed an old factory into a loft-structured innovation office, in which you can definitely bike or skater around:)    You'll see many delicate equipment and facilities here: CNC machining, laser cutting, industrial 3D printers, oscilloscope, UV printer, wave soldering, wood lathe, table saw, inkjet & cutting machine etc. and many more.

Interested in this position? Please send your resume or CV to and we’ll get back to you asap. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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