PIX MOVING is a self-driving startup. We envision to reshape the future cities with autonomous mobility, providing sustainable solutions for city development.

PIX offers one-stop solution with self-driving software and hardware stack, from drive-by-wire chassis, batch customization manufacturing of vehicles to self-driving software integration. Founded in 2014 and invested by VCs such as SOSV, PIX has rich experiences in motion control, robotics, digital manufacturing, metal 3D printing and more industry fields. With modular design and innovative manufacturing system, PIX self-driving space enables flexible modification between various applications such as autonomous sightseeing car, self-driving shuttle vehicle, unattended vending car, autonomous logistics cargo, multi-purpose self-driving room and auto patrol car etc.. It can be used in many kinds of environment like industrial parks, public parks, scenic spots, parking lots, airports, residential communities and shopping malls etc., providing sharing mobility services for customers. The on-demand scheduling of PIX self-driving space can improve road utilization and create better life within cities. With the open source, decentralized and distributed technical approach and concept, PIX envisions a future with mobility as a service. In the 5,000 square meters of innovation factory is a team consisting of global talents and engineers with expertise and skills in self-driving technology development and operation.


For the past 100 hundred years, people who have had deep impact upon the cities were not famous architects, but, Henry Ford. Today, 55% of the world's population lives in cities and those cities are shaped by the product of Henry Ford- Cars. In the next 30 years, over 70% population will live in cities, which will face enormous challenges from population, environment

and resources.  

Before the arrival of brand new mobility society, we have the opportunity to rethink the essence of city- the relationship between people and space. With the facilitation of autonomous driving, Internet of Things and other technologies, cities will shaped by time factors such as connection, growth, modification, reproduction and mobility. In the form of clustering and mobile spaces, city will become metabolic and sustainable, echoing to the vision that PIX is striving for: PIX City, a moving city without cars. 

Shareable On-demand Conneted Spaces 


As an interdisciplinary and innovative team, we actively explore the possibility of future mobility. The same vision binds us together to work towards the future we aspire for: self driving technology, drive-by-wire and affordable autonomous driving hacking.

We are a group of courageous creators dedicated to revolution: software engineer, algorithm engineer, electronic engineer, designer, entrepreneur and artist, who contribute their talents to building the bridge between future mobility and digital manufacturing. We founded a digital manufacturing lab, where engineers and designers collaborate with each other, using the advanced equipment to co-create the next big innovation. 

Angelo YU


Chief Scientist

Alexander Carballo Segura



Chase CAO


Siddharth Suhas Pawar

Mechanical Engineer

Alessandro Tripi

Industrial Designer

Matteo Barale

Chief Product Officer

Sean ZHU

Manager of North America

If you love new things, want to explore the unknown, and feel like one of us, join the team. Te’ll create something better and bigger.


Nancy LEE

Community Manager

Joey LEE

Interactive Design & Team Leadership


Creative Director


Automation & Mechanical Design


CAN Bus Engineer

Yusi XU

Business Development

Parker TIAN

Financial Strategies 

Shaoyi CHEN 

Director of PIX Factory


Electrical Engineer


New Media Operation

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Engineer, adventurer, 3D printing, free spirits, nerd, mobility, iteration, innovator, passion, hacker, programmer, crafter, lifestyle, autonomous, excelsior, these are our tags, if you feel like one of us, join us for an incredible self-driving hacking journey.

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PIX is the self-driving project within PIXMOVING,INC. (USA)