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2019 Self-Driving Global Challenge

Engineering   ·   Challenge   ·   Meetup  


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From Stuttgart to Nürburgring, the most innovative technology in the automobile industry usually originate from the racing track and the most passionate brands are derived from various challenges. The value of challenge lies not just in competing, it’s more about the driving force behind industry revolution. In the hackathon approach, Moving Hackathon continues to facilitate the intelligent transformation of traditional vehicles, and every Hackathon would ignite an engineer party with the spirit of engineering challenge. Lit with a sense of technology punk and technology democratization, Moving Hackathon nurtures iteration and innovation from the bottom up. 


Self-driving technology has brought enormous possibilities to future transportation. Engineers, hackers, students, developers and other talents around the world are dedicating themselves to the development of self-driving technologies. But they found it hard to test their ideas and works in real world due to the high entry barrier of self-driving. The industry is currently reserved only for the big league, with heavy financial backing, which is pushing small players out at the very beginning of the game. 

Testing and engineering are essential elements for technology development. The significance increases when it comes to self-driving, which puts safety and application in daily life at the first priority. When a self-driving engineer or hacker finishes their works and needs testing, the expensive hardware and high-maintenance engineering platform hinder the birth of the next possible big breakthrough in self-driving development. 

Moving Hackathon provides car platforms equipped with computing abilities, sensors, drive-by-wire control and other hardware support, also closed urban roads to test and challenge for global self-driving engineers, who can stay focused on algorithms/software design, optimization and development without worrying about car/hardware to test. Moving Hackathon is a self-driving global meetup with two onsite participating categories: Full-sized Self-driving Car Onsite Challenge and DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge. With sparking spirit of engineering  and technology innovation as the aim, Moving Hackathon is meant to facilitate the mutual growth and inspiration among self-driving startups, engineers, developers and enthusiasts worldwide. 

As an engineer networking Meetup with beers, Moving Hackathon opens up for like-minded travelers on the road to mobility innovation and development: tackle the difficulties, mark the progress, explore the possibilities of self-driving technology, enjoy the fun of running coding/algorithms on real self-driving cars and more,

Moving Hackathon, challenging yourself to shape the scope and direction of future self-driving mobility. 


• First-hand Experiences On Real Self-driving Cars

(Get your hands on real self-driving cars and verify your algorithms while the car driving by itself)

• Software Deployment

(Experience the full software stack based on the self-driving framework to finish the challenges)


• Introductory to Open Source Software Autoware


• Mentorship and Guidance

(Experienced hardware and software engineers at PIX to provide onsite mentorship and assistance)


• Igniting Engineering Spirit

(Challenge yourself and finish the meaningful adventure through collaboration)


• Global Engineer Meetup

(Meet with global self-driving engineers to network, connect, beer and make friends)


• Sharing and Spreading Insights

(Fireside chats and presentations to share opinions and spread thoughts)


• Hackathon Bonus: Udacity Courses

(Chance to get Udacity course and Onsite Self-driving Training for free)




Full-Sized Self-driving Car

Onsite Challenge


DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge

Based on the application form and the supplementary technical form, final participants are selected to participate onsite Moving Hackathon that will be held during Big Data Expo in Guiyang. Bonus and rewards are offered. Hackathon rules can be found under each challenge category.


Apr 1 - Apr 20, 2019

Online Application

Launching the official Moving Hackathon webpage with detailed information of different categories. Global participants fill in online application form on the website to apply for the Hackathon 

Apr 22, 2019

Final Participants List

Announcing the final participants list based on the application form and Pre-Hackathon Selection material 

May 22 - 26, 2019

Hackathon Challenge

· Full-Sized Self-driving Car Onsite Challenge
(Date: May 22-27, Location: Guizhou Science City)

· DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge
(Date: May 25-27, Location: Guizhou Science City)

Apr 20 - 22, 2019

Pre-Challenge Selection

The application form will be an important factor for selection. Besides that, certain applicants may receive a detailed technical form for the Pre-hackathon selection as supplementary material

Apr 23 - May 20, 2019


Selected participants optimize codes and warm-up remotely

May 27, 2019

Awarding and Closing Ceremony

Challenge results showcase and awarding ceremony for the Challenge winners

(Location: 2019 Big Data Expo Exhibition Center)


  • With the same standard hardware vehicle platform provided onsite, participants will be able to test their self-driving software and deep learning algorithms, and eventually optimize them.

  • A comprehensive hackathon for self-driving algorithms and software.

  • Moving Hackathon aims to lower the entry barrier and drive development in self-driving technology

  • Help partners and participants to expand the self-driving markets in China and worldwide

  • Establish cooperation and develop collaboratively



Full-sized Self-driving Car Onsite Challenge

Closed Urban Roads

Full-sized Self-driving Cars

Three Teams To Be Selected

Moving hackathon onsite challenge site in Guiyang

Urban roads in Guizhou Science and Technology Industrial Park

  • ​Three global teams will be selected for the full-sized car onsite challenge 

  • Teams build algorithms on vehicle platforms that are retrofitted by PIX team

  • Teams then finish driving skill challenge on designated roads to test the comprehensive ability of each team's algorithms and sensor solutions

  • Final scores are calculated based on single-mission performance and the total completion time of the Challenge

Challenge Missions


  • Pedestrian (Mannequin Model) Avoiding

  • Speedup and Slowdown on Road

  • Overtaking and Changing Lane

  • Queueing

  • Construction Site Detour

  • Signal Perception

  • Multiple Obstacles Bypass

  • Non-Motor Vehicle Avoiding

  • 100 Meters Linear Acceleration

  • S-Bend Driving on “8”shaped Road

  • Passing Around Poles


DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge

Indoor Tracks

Donkey Cars

10 Individuals Worldwide

  • Ten individuals will be selected globally  for the onsite challenge

  • Participants use the donkey cars provided onsite by the Organizer to test and compete (or bring their own small-sized cars)

  • Run laps on the indoor tracks and each individual gets three runs. The fastest lap will be recorded

  • Participants with the shortest time records are the winners

About DIY Robocars

DIY Robocars ( was founded by Chris Anderson in California in October 2016. The overall aim of DIY Robocars community is to make and race pro-level autonomous cars on a budget, for people who want to make and race DIY autonomous cars of any size, from tiny 16th scale to full-size, including go-karts.

Moving Hackathon second category is a local event companion to DIY Robocars, an opportunity to hack, compete, and show and tell. Donkey Car (, an open source DIY self driving platform for small scale cars, are used as standard challenge car for DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge of Moving Hackathon.


 Full-sized Challenge Agenda

DAY1 Welcome and introduction, venue tour and get familiar with the vehicles; safety training session

DAY2  Work on the algorithms and programs based on hackathon challenge missions

DAY3 Test, debug and improve

DAY4 Test, debug and improve

DAY5 Teams go for the challenge

DAY6 Wrap-up presentation, closing ceremony and party

Small-sized Challenge Agenda

DAY1 Welcome and introduction, get familiar with the cars, test and optimize; safety training session

DAY2  Test and optimize, go for the challenge

DAY3 Wrap-up presentation, closing ceremony and party

Moving Hackathon

Equipment and Hardware


  • Large CNC Machining Equipment

  • Desktop Precision Equipment

  • Hands Tool

  • Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Soldering Robotics

  • 3D Printers

  • CNC Tube Bending Machine

  • Robotic Metal 3D Printing 

  • Electrical Equipment

Car Hardware

  • Three Self-driving Vehicles (Equipped with drive-by-wire capabilities)

  • Ten Donkey Cars (1/10 scale car powered by Raspberry Pi)

  • RTK

  • LiDAR

  • HDR Camera

  • Millimeter-wave Radar

  • GPU Onboard Computer

  • Drive-by-wire Chassis 

  • Liddar sensor



1.What is Moving Hackathon? 

Moving Hackathon is a self-driving global meetup with two onsite participating categories: Full-sized Self-driving Car Onsite Challenge and DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge. With sparking spirit of engineering  and technology innovation as the aim, Moving Hackathon is meant to facilitate the mutual growth and inspiration among self-driving startups, engineers, developers and enthusiasts worldwide. 

2.What will I do exactly? What’s the Hackathon rules?

There will be two categories for Moving Hackathon

· Full-Sized Self-driving Car Onsite Challenge

· DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge

Based on the application form and the supplementary technical form, final participants are selected to participate onsite Moving Hackathon that will be held during Big Data Expo in Guiyang. Bonus and rewards are offered. Hackathon rules can be found under each challenge category.

3.Where is Moving Hackathon?

Guiyang, Guizhou, China

5.Is there a deadline for application?

The deadline for online application is 12:00 PM, April 20th, UTC+8, 2019

5.The Pre-Hackathon Selection and the Final List ?

Pre-Hackathon Selection (Apr 20- 22, 2019)

Final participants list will be announced on April 22nd.

6. What about the travel expenses?

For selected participants (individual, team, company etc.), the Organizer will reimburse up to $1000 (USD) per person for international travel and up to $350 (USD) per person for travel within mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

7. Where will I sleep and what to eat?

The Organizer will make full arrangement for the foods and accommodation during your stay.

8. Can I join with my team? How many people are allowed for each team?

Full-sized Car Challenge: Teams and companies are all welcome to participate. No restriction for number of people in each team, but the Organizer will only cover Three persons’s expenses for Full-sized Car Challenge participating teams.

DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge: Participating as INDIVIDUALs and travel expenses will be reimbursed.

9. How many final participants will be selected? 

Three global teams will be selected for Full-sized Car Challenge.
Ten final participants (Individuals) for  DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge

10. Can I bring my own car? What’s the hardware requirement?

Full-sized Car Onsite Challenge: Not allowed. 
DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge: Yes, you can bring your own car as long as it is self-driving small-sized (not larger than 1/10) cars powered by Raspberry Pi, such as Donkey car (

11. Can I bring my own sensors and processors or other hardware? 

Hardware components and sensors are not allowed for Full-sized Car Onsite Challenge.

DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge participants can bring their own car onsite. The Organizer will provide certain support onsite such as electricity and installing brackets etc.. The specifications for car platforms will be announced on the website so that you can have a check to see the necessity of bringing your own hardware. 

12. Does the Organizer provide the high-precision maps?

No. Different algorithms need different map formats, so you need to collect data and build the maps by yourselves. But the Organizer will provide the road network definition files and videos of the racing sites in advance.

13. How long can I prepare before the final Challenge date when I arrive? 

Full-sized Car Challenge: May 21st: arriving; May 22nd-25th: testing and optimizing; May 26th: Challenge Day. So technically you’ll have 3-4 days before the final challenge.

DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge: May 24th: arriving; May 25th: testing and optimizing; May 26th: Challenge Day. So technically you’ll have 1 day before the final challenge.

14. When can I see the detailed info of the Challenge sites?

Full-sized Self-driving Car  Challenge: Road network definition files of the site will be provided in early May.

DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge: Videos and pics of the site will be provided in mid-May.

15. How many car platforms are provided by the Organizer onsite? 

Full-sized Self-driving Car Challenge: 3 cars.
DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge: 10 cars.

16. Does it cost money to participate? 

No. It’s completely free.

17.How to ensure the safety of operating self-driving vehicles during Moving Hackathon?

• Roadblocks will be set up around the onsite challenge site when the self-driving vehicles are in operation, preventing other people and vehicles from entering the challenge site.  Participants shall not turn on the self-driving mode of the vehicle outside the challenge site; 

• Experienced PIX engineers will be dispatched as safety driver in each car. Participants are not allowed to operate the self-driving vehicle without safety driver; 

• Before the Hackathon, participants will attend safety training session including handling emergencies and so on; 

• Each self-driving car onsite is equipped with remote emergency stop button. Self-driving car brake system can enable manual take-over and stop the self-driving mode at any time. 

18. When do I need to get Guiyang?

Full-sized Self-driving Car Challenge  Participants: No late than 23:00 PM, May 21st, UTC+8, 2019

DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge Participants: No late than 23:00 PM, May 24th, UTC+8, 2019

19. What do I need to bring? 

Your computer and your passion for the Hackathon



Full-Sized Self-driving Car Onsite Challenge

First Prize - One AWS Coupon Worth $3000 USD + One free spot for Self-driving Engineer Onsite Training + Two free spots for Udacity online course: Self-driving Car Engineer Nanodegree

Second Prize - One AWS Coupon Worth $800 USD + One free spot for Udacity online course: Self-driving Car Engineer Nanodegree + One coupon worth ¥500 CNY for Udacity online courses

Third Prize - One AWS Coupon Worth $400 USD + Three coupons worth 1500 CNY(in total) for Udacity online courses


DIY Robocars Donkey Car Challenge

First Prize - One AWS Coupon Worth $2000 USD + One free spot for Self-driving Engineer Onsite Training 

Second Prize - One AWS Coupon Worth $600 USD + One coupon worth ¥500 CNY for Udacity online courses

Third Prize - One AWS Coupon Worth $200 USD + One coupon worth ¥500 CNY for Udacity online courses

Other Reward and Policy Incentives

1. Presence and publicity on Big Data Expo website as well as other media press

2. Industrial policy support and incentives in Guiyang

3. Potential venture capital support

4. Join AI incubators and accelerators with minimum cost       

5. Rewards and support for global talents working (operating business) in Guiyang 


Guiyang International Big Data Expo, as the world's first big-data-themed Expo, has been successfully held for four consecutive years. Premier Li Keqiang sent a congratulatory letter, and Vice Premier Ma Kai addressed the summits. Industry leaders at home and abroad, including Jack Ma, Pony Ma, Robin Li, Terry Gou and Derek Aberle, also spoke at the summits...



China International Big Data Industry Expo 2019 Organizing Committee.



PIX Moving logo

HanKaiSi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Guizhou,






The Online Education partner


The Lidar Partner


The Exclusive Cloud Computing Partner


The Industrial Camera Partner


The Computing Platform Partner







Some incredible moments from previous self-driving hackathons


Blogs and articles contributed by previous hackathon participants, who are continuously exploring and discussing in the self-driving community 

Mar. 21. 2018

DIY Robocars - Move it Hackathon:

How to Hack 2 Cars to Make them Self-driving in 5 Days?

The Self-driving Hackathon went great. Some real-world solutions and approaches for car hacking are shared in details in this blog.

By Moving Community


May 22. 2019

Building a Full-Sized Self-Driving Car in 5 days (Part 1)

This week (22 May) I have come to GuiYang in China for the Moving Hackathon 2019 Self-Driving Global Challenge and the experience is amazing.
The challenge happens in a factory inside the Technology and science industrial park…


May. 2018

DIY Robocars KuaiKai – Autonomous Vehicle Racing

To make a self-driving car from scratch in less than a week is not an easy task at all… But nothing is stronger than a team with a balance of motivation, experience and perseverance.


– Oscar Rovira, 2018

Rohan Rao


May 31. 2019

DAY 0 : Moving Hackathon — Self-Driving Global Challenge

I planned to visit the PIX factory where the hackathon will be happening from 22nd May. I found two friends to go with, Fernando and Italojs. You will hear more about them in the next blog. We reached the factory together and little did we know about what was in store for us…


Jun. 4. 2018

DIY Robocars KuaiKai Self-driving Test & Racing Challenge Drew To A Satisfactory End

Self-driving technology has brought significant changes and enormous possibilities to future transportation as well as city life. Engineers, startups, developers, research scientists and talents around the world are dedicated to the development of self-driving, however...

By Moving Community


May 31. 2019

DAY 1: Moving Hackathon — Self-Driving Global Challenge

“An interesting day ahead”, I smiled and said to myself. I could barely hold my excitement and ran to finish my shower. I headed to the factory along with several other participants from all over the world. That’s one of the best perks of a global hackathon, you get to meet amazing people with diverse backgrounds…


Jun. 27. 2018

I Raced a Donkey in China

(for Big Data)

My brother Chris and I flew to China this March to race hobby scale autonomous cars at the Guiyang Big Data Expo for Pix Moving, a self-driving car startup. You can read about the event here in the words of the fantastic Nancy Lee. They flew us to China, put us up in a brand new hotel, and fed us like kings!


Erich Clark


June 4. 2019

Techniques to Tackle Overfitting and Achieve Robustness for Donkey Car Neural Network Self-Driving Agent

Pixmoving, a self-driving car startup in China, organized a Hackathon event in May 2019 to bring together a group of people from all over the world to gather and try out new ideas on self driving. 


The City We Based-Guiyang, China 

Guiyang is a city for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

the cityscape of beautiful Guiyang where PIX Moving is based

Global vision is cultivated in Guiyang and new-emerging industries meet the most incentive policies here. As the Data Valley of China, Guiyang is the pioneering advocator of big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and smart manufacturing. Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, Huawei, the top enterprises have chosen Guiyang as their data center, innovation base or chips production factory. If you’ve missed the opportunity to see the growth of Guangdong and Zhejiang 20 years ago, then Guiyang will be the fast-growing revolutionary city that you should definitely witness.


The cool and mild weather, delicious specialties, local minorities and beautiful sceneries, all bring special charms to this city, attracting people both home and abroad to come here for local exploration and inspiration sparking. 

Sponsorship & Partnership

We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities and are eager to work with you to create a custom presence for you onsite that will meet your marketing goals. 

To sponsor or partner with

Moving Hackathon,

contact us directly below

Tel: +86 -18111991219


Interested in Moving Hackathon and want to learn more? Drop us a message and we’ll have someone get back to you as soon as possible. We are happy to make new friends.

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