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Rebuild the City
with Autonomous Mobility.

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We Live, We Move

The Next-Gen Development Platform
for Smart Vehicles

PIX is fundamentally disrupting how smart vehicles are designed and manufactured. The newly released smart vehicle chassis platform Ultra-Skateboard™ adopts a brand new architecture of software-defined-vehicle, along with PIX's proprietary development tool chains, it is significantly simplifying the R&D process and lowering the innovation entry barrier for smart vehicles, meanwhile greatly accelerating the product launch of smart cars, creating a diversified and prosperous application ecosystem for smart vehicles.


The World’s First Road-level Wheeled-Robot

  • Software-defined modular design
  • Support l4 level autonomous driving software stack
  • Provides accessible hardware interfaces
  • Vector Dynamics Matrix
  • Delivers hardware safety redundancy
  • Customizable chassis size
Autonomous Modular Platform

Integrating the automotive and robotics industries, built for the development of smart vehicles OTA supported | Autonomous driving integrated.

Open Autonomous Driving System and Ecology

High-level capacity for smart vehicle innovation Reduce the lead time for smart vehicle launch

Algorithm-driven Vehicle Design

Flexible and expandable
Full size range for multi-scenario applications

Agile Digital Manufacturing System

Efficient product iteration capability Cost-effective manufacturing


Suitable For A Wide Range Of Vehicles Types

Creating an innovative autonomous driving and smart vehicle application ecosystem