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Rebuild the City
with Autonomous Mobility.

We Live, We Move

Moving Space, Robobus


It is not about driving but living. 

logo of PIXLOOP


A drive-by-wire chassis platform dedicated to autonomous driving developers  

logo of PIXKIT


Autonomous Driving Development Kit designed for engineers, educational institutions. and early adptors.

logo of Production Station


AI-Driven Design and Manufacturing 



Designed and Built based on


Ultra Skateboard

The World’s First Road-level Wheeled-Robot

  • Vector Dynamics Matrix
  • Delivers hardware safety redundancy
  • Customizable Size

Suitable For A Wide Range Of Vehicles Types

Creating an innovative autonomous driving and smart vehicle application ecosystem

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 Latest News

design_画板 1.png

self-driving PIX robobus 

Modular and customizable, PIX Robobus is an autonomous driving shuttle crafted by PIX Moving for a smart urban mobility experience.

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Robobus at CES 2024

Combining cutting-edge technology, autonomous driving capabilities, and a transformative vision, Robobus offers a glimpse into the future of transportation at CES 2024.

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PIX at Malaysia Autoshow 2024

One unusual vehicle that will be seen going around the site is the PIX Robobus, an autonomous driving shuttle, which visitors can experience.


TIS-INTEC Group, Self-driving investor
SOSV, Self-driving investor
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Because We Care

Climate change and sustainable development of regional economy

The innovative manufacturing approach of PIX Moving is aimed to reduce the carbon emission and to significantly contribute to the regional economy development.

Environmental protection, sustainable development
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