When vehicle manufacturing changes,mobility innovates


PIX envisions a new manufacturing and designing system for vehicles


The automotive industry is undergoing constant blows of electrification and intelligentialization. Famous car brands or new-emerging startups, they all believe that future car will be like super computer on wheels. But wait a minute, the revolution will happen when we just replace the steering system with super computers? I’m afraid not. Think about the profound changes in the media industry, it is not about moving contents from newspaper and television to new interfaces like web or internet, it is the decentralized and democratized way of spread and creation that forms today’s new digital media. 

It’s the same idea here, we believe that the fundamental revolution within automotive industry will begin with the way cars are manufactured. Henry Ford’s production line is no doubt a great invention in the human history. However, 100 years later, the way how people build cars remains unchanged. Of course, industrial robots have replaced human labor and the manufacturing efficiency has improved significantly. Still, there are problems along the way: extra-large factories, heavy investment, high entry barrier, longer iteration and lead time. These emerging issues in one way or another hinder the innovation and democratization in automotive industry. Fancy factory and huge productivity do not mean faster response to user demands. 

That's when PIX 3CM came alive: 

Cognitive · Configurable · Collaborative Manufacturing


3D Printing


Industrial Robots


Artificial Intelligence

3CM (Cognitive · Configurable · Collaborative Manufacturing)

Decentralized, distributed and user-participated way of manufacturing.

With modular and parametric design, also the contribution of industrial robot, 3D printing and artificial intelligence, we make 90% less car parts a possibility. Besides, 3CM enables faster response to customer needs, 60% manufacturing cost reduction (under the same productive capacity), and 75% car iteration time saving.  

8 Digital Manufacturing Processes:

  • Large-scale Vacuum Thermoforming

  • Large-scale Metal 3D Printing 

  • Robotic Welding

  • Laser Cutting

  • Plasma Cutting

  • Tube Bending 

  • CNC Milling

  • CNC Lathe

Manufacturing Cost

60% manufacturing cost reduction (under the same productive capacity)


75% car iteration time saving

“We believe what we do is contributing to the paradigm shift of car industry. With the new tools and vision, we can rebuild the manufacturing and mobility of cars.”

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PIX is the self-driving project within PIXMOVING,INC. (USA)