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Retailing & Delivery Space

Tune existing cities to a better direction through mobile retailing & delivery space.
Vending Profit 70% - 90%
Autonomous Driving boost x 3
+ the Revenue
Autonomous Driving boost x 10
+ the SKU
Autonomous Driving boost x 30
+ the market share


Extend physical Coverage
Reduce OP Cost
Open New Stores In NO Time
3D Print
  • We design and manufacture universal modular chassis to retail.
  • PixMoving Chassis designed from scratch for Autonomous Driving
  • PixMoving provides full stack Autonomous Driving solution from hardware to software.
  • PixMoving Provides full stack Automation solution toward retail
  • PixMoving Uses AI for design · PixMoving Applies large scale of metal 3D printing to manufacturing
  • Because We Can
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we Live, we Move

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