PIXMOVING USA have two offices; one by the beautiful Pier of San Francisco.
Office at Autodesk, who invited PIXMOVING because our creation of autonomous driving structure was designed by AI and manufactured by large scale of metal 3D printing. PIXMOVING has the second one in Sunnyvale where operation, production and marketing is taking place.


MBA at University of Wales UK. Computer Science, B.S. at University of Auckland, Michigan. Former co-founder and CEO of multiple technology companies. Responsible for attracting investment and expanding overseas markets.

Sean ZHU

Manager of North America

Designated Assistant Professor at Nagoya University, Research Consultant at TierIV Inc. Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng.) in Computer Science from University of Tsukuba, Japan. Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Robotics. Professional Member of the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ).

Chief Scientist


Alexander Carballo Segura

Matteo Barale

Chief Product Officer

Research engineer, Design strategy consultant, Co-founder of Etra Project studio. Industry experience across robotics, industrial and manufacturing design, automotive and architecture. Deep proficiency with international design landscape.

MS in Aerospace Engineering, Structures and Materials, University of Michigan. Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. Experience in composite air-frame of advanced class rocket, structural design and optimization of the chassis for school’s BAJA All-Terrain Vehicle.


Siddharth Suhas Pawar

Mechanical Engineer