Rebuild The City

With Autonomous Mobility.

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we Live, we Move

The Next-Gen Development Platform
For Smart Vehicles

PIX is fundamentally disrupting how smart vehicles are designed and manufactured. The newly released smart vehicle chassis platform Ultra-Skateboard™ adopts a brand-new architecture of software-defined-vehicle, along with PIX's proprietary development tool chains, it is significantly simplifying the R&D process and lowering the innovation entry barrier for smart vehicles, meanwhile greatly accelerating the product launch of smart cars, creating a diversified and prosperous application ecosystem for smart vehicles.

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The World’s First Road-level Wheeled-Robot

  • Software-defined modular design
  • Support l4 level autonomous driving software stack
  • Provides accessible hardware interfaces
  • Vector Dynamics Matrix
  • Delivers hardware safety redundancy
  • Customizable chassis size

Autonomous Modular Platform

Open Autonomous Driving System and Ecology

Integrating the automotive and robotics industries,

built for the development of smart vehicles

OTA supported | Autonomous driving integrated

High-level capacity for smart vehicle innovation Reduce the lead time for smart vehicle launch

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Algorithm-driven Vehicle Design

Agile Digital Manufacturing System

Flexible and expandable

Full size range for multi-scenario applications

Efficient product iteration capability

Cost-effective manufacturing


Suitable For A Wide Range

Of Vehicles Types

Creating an innovative autonomous driving and smart vehicle application ecosystem

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The Smart Infrastructure For Future Cities

By combining customized modular space on autonomous chassis, PIX builds robo-vehicles that bring services to people, wherever they are, autonomously. Pizza trucks, coffee car, and self-driving hotel will all become autonomously routed and freely moving parts of cities. PIX modular moving space enables small vendors to reach much larger audiences than previously possible with traditional brick and mortar storefronts. Meanwhile, PIX provides unique and interesting experiences, responding faster to various user needs. 


PIX is open to partnership with leading minds from diverse industries, who are dedicated to reshaping how cities are built. Real estate developer, retailing merchant, lifestyle service provider, chain brand, industrial park, university and institute, government, community and other visionaries, we'll turn self-driving technology into real-life applications with the co-exploration and development of self-driving service space based on PIX autonomous chassis.


"Pix is looking at autonomous transport from the perspective of the city, as in the relationship between humans and space…"

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"Pix's vision of the future, on not just autonomous vehicles but also new methods of design automation and smart manufacturing, makes them a compelling partner."


“With modular and parametric design, also the contribution of an industrial robot, 3D printing and artificial intelligence, we make 90 per cent less car parts a possibility.


"The modular transformation ensures its fluent role change as a service provider. it can be a cafe car, it can be a laundry cube, a logistics car, it really can be anything you want and it will stop in front of you when you need the service."

Dedicated To Developers
A drive-by-wire chassis platform dedicated to autonomous driving developer
PIXKIT is an open source autonomous driving development and education kit.

Reshape urban city through large-scale industrial real estate projects “PIX CITY” based on PIX mobile spaces


Human + Building

Human + Building + Car

Human + Moving Space

Welcome to join us for this city revolution. We’re on the road to achieve our vision: 

Future city with dynamic interaction between human and the space.

Generative Design - Metal 3D Printing
  • DDM (Direct Digital Manufacturing) 

  • Customized manufacturing capability for small-batch multiple-variety products 

  • Revolutionary vehicle manufacturing approach 

  • 30 + intelligent manufacturing patents  

  • Industry metal 3D printing 

  • Efficient, fast, agile and affordable

L4 Autonomous Driving Algorithm

The core competitive value of software platform is application ecosystem. Autoware is one of the most active and powerful self-driving ecosystems in the world, with contribution from large number of developers. It has open protocols, stable performance and agile development foundation. Based on Autoware, PIX has developed the L4 self-driving system that can operate stably in specific areas.

Accumulated Test Mileage
PIX is headquartered in a closed industrial park with an area of 90,000 square meters. Deployed with 5G base station, the industrial park has all kinds of road scenarios, including various urban roads conditions. PIX conducts road test in the park on daily basis and has collected enormous data.


PIX products are built under the value of open innovation. We grow community to collaborate and contribute. In the past two years, we’ve organized four onsite collaboration events with participating engineers from multiple fields around the globe. 

SELF-Driving engineer Training base

Autonomous driving is an industry with great demand for talents, who need to practice and test self-driving technology on the physical cars, learning both software and hardware comprehensively. The onsite training course will quality participants with the relevant skills and knowledge of autonomous driving. 


Interested in solving real-world problems in self- driving on a real vehicle? Passionate about robots and self-driving cars? Want to build vehicles using generative design and 3D metal printing?  Experience in ROS and Autoware?  You're IN !!! We're looking for like-minded talents to join the team on this self-driving voyage


As an interdisciplinary and innovative team, we actively explore the possibility of future mobility. The same vision binds us together to work towards the future we aspire for: self driving technology, drive-by-wire and affordable autonomous driving platform.